Movement Bank


Deposit Account Basics

What is Movement Bank’s routing number?

Movement Bank’s routing number is 051401043.

Where do I find my bank account number?

Your account number is located at the bottom of every check. You can also view your account number on your account statement within Online Banking.

How do I order checks?

Please go to to place an order.

How do I make a deposit if I do not live near a branch?

Mobile Deposit:
Log in to the Movement Bank app using your Online Banking credentials and select Menu Deposit Check. Please endorse your check “For Mobile Deposit Only” in the endorsement section on the back of the check, and then retain the check for 10 business days before destroying it. 

You can also make a deposit through our ATM at 9726 Old Bailes Road in Fort Mill, SC or by mailing it to our branch in Danville, VA at Movement Bank, PO Box 6400, Danville, VA 24541. 

External Transfer:
Send funds to your Movement Bank account using External Transfer within Online Banking (can be set up by adding an external account at My Transfers Add External Account. Once the account has been verified, you can transfer funds by going to My Transfers Funds Transfer).

What is your cutoff time?

For branch and mobile deposits, deposits must be submitted before 5:00 PM EST on a business day to receive same-day credit. The wire transfer cutoff time is 3:00 PM EST.

Where are your branches?

Currently, we have two branches with one located at 201 N Union Street in Danville, Virginia, with another located at 9726 Old Bailes Road, Ste 129 in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

What is the phone number for Movement Bank Customer Service?

434-792-0198 or toll-free 855-274-3672

How do I change my address and phone number?

If you have Online Banking, you can update this information within your Profile under Settings, or you can call us at 434-792-0198 or toll-free at 855-274-3672.

How do I stop payment on a check or ACH transaction?

You can stop payment on a check by signing on to Online Banking and choosing Menu Services Stop Payment. You can stop payment on an ACH transaction in Online Banking by choosing Menu Services ACH Stop Payment. Please note, stop payment fees will apply.

How can I add a joint owner or signer to my account?

Please call or visit your nearest branch to add or change owners or signers on your account.

How do I set up overdraft protection from my savings or money market account?

Please call, visit a branch or send us a secure message through Online Banking.

How much money do I have to keep in my account to avoid a service charge?

Our Anywhere Checking has no minimum balance requirement, however you must receive eStatements instead of paper statements if you want to avoid the $2 paper statement fee.

If you have a Priority Savings account, there is no minimum balance requirement and no monthly service charge.

If you have a Priority Money Market account, you must maintain a minimum daily balance of $1,000 for the whole month to avoid an $8 service charge.

If your account type isn't listed, please look at the Truth in Savings disclosure you received at account opening or call us for service charge information.

What do I do if I do not recognize a transaction on my account?

If you do not recognize an ACH or debit card transaction, please verify the merchant name by doing an online search. It may be that the company is using a name you do not recognize for a transaction you actually authorized. If you still do not recognize the transaction, please contact us through online banking or by calling 434-792-0198.

How do I have a wire transfer sent to Movement Bank?

Provide the following information to the originating institution:

Beneficiary Bank Name: Movement Bank

City and State: Danville, VA

ABA Number: 051401043

Beneficiary: Customer's account name and Movement Bank account number

Online and Mobile Banking

How do I enroll in Online or Mobile Banking?

From our home page, click on Login. At the bottom of the Login box that comes up is a link to Sign Up for Online Banking (for personal accounts) or Sign up for Business Banking (for business accounts).

I forgot my password - what do I do?

On the Login screen, enter your username and click Continue Login. On the next screen, click the Forgot Password link. If you are locked out from trying the wrong password too many times, please go to to send us a secure message asking us to reset you.

How do I enroll in bill pay?

Log in to Online Banking and click on Bill Pay. The system will walk you through a simple enrollment process. After that, you can set up companies or individuals you would like to be able to pay. Bill pay processes many payments electronically, but they can also send checks.

How do I set up or change a recurring payment in Bill Pay?

From Online Banking, select Bill Pay from the Menu. Then click on Options and Visit Bill Pay Site. Once you are on the bill pay site, you will see an option to "Make it recurring" under the Pay button for each payee. Clicking that will walk you through options for setting up recurring payments at your desired frequency and amount. To cancel the recurring payment in the future, follow the same steps, except click on "Edit recurring" to either skip one payment or cancel or change the entire series.

What is the phone number for Bill Pay support?


How do I enroll in eStatements?

Instructions for enrolling in eStatements are found at

Do you offer account alerts?

Yes, you can enroll in account alerts in Online or Mobile Banking in the Settings Menu by selecting Alerts.

How can I "unlink" a Linked Account in Online Banking?

1. Click Settings and select Account Preferences.

2. From the list of accounts, click on the account to expand to see the account preference options.

3. To unlink the account, click on the "Remove" link.

4. Confirm the unlinking of the accounts.

Can I use online banking to look at checks I have deposited?

Yes. While you are viewing your transaction history, click on the deposit transaction and then click "More Details." From there, you will see icons for the deposit ticket and the check(s) deposited. Click on the icons to view your checks.

How do I set up external transfers?

First, you will need to link an external account:

1. In Online or Mobile Banking, select My Transfers > Add External Account. Enter the account and routing number from your external account and select checking or savings, then click Continue.

2. Once the two trial deposits have posted to your external account, log back in to Movement Bank's Online Banking and select My Transfers > Verify External Account. Click the radio button under the account you wish to verify and then type in the amounts of the two trial deposits (without the decimal). Click Continue. If successful, you will see a message saying the account was successfully verified.

Your external account will then be available in the "From" and "To" boxes in the Funds Transfer screen. The system will default the earliest date available for the transfer, but you can change it as you wish. You can also select "Make this a recurring transaction" to set up a recurring transfer between your accounts.

Can I pay my Movement Bank loan payment online?

Yes, in Online or Mobile Banking, select My Transfers > Funds Transfer. Select a deposit account for the "From" account and your loan account for the "To" account. (If you do not have a Movement Bank deposit account, see the previous question and answer for how to link an external account for transfers.) The system will default the earliest date available for the transfer, but you can change it as you wish. You can also select "Make this a recurring transaction" to set up a recurring payment.

Debit Cards and ATMs

Where are your ATMs? What if I don't live near one?

We have two ATM locations:

420 Spring Street
Danville, VA 24541

9726 Old Bailes Road
Fort Mill, SC 29707

You can also use your Movement Bank Debit Card at any ATM nationwide and we will refund any surcharge you are charged.

How long does it take to receive my debit card?

It can take up to 10 business days to receive your debit card in the mail.

Is there a daily dollar limit for my debit card?

Yes. Debit cards have daily purchase and withdrawal limits. These limits can be found in your Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosure and Agreement or by calling us at 434-792-0198.

Do you charge ATM withdrawal fees?

No. You can use your Movement Bank debit card at any ATM nationwide and we will refund any surcharge you are charged.

How do I dispute a debit card transaction?

Please notify us immediately if you do not recognize any debit card transactions. Charges can be disputed through Online Banking or by phone. To submit a dispute by phone, please call 434-792-4979.

What do I do if my debit card is lost or stolen?

Please notify us immediately by calling 877-226-2351.

My debit card is about to expire. When will my new one arrive?

Your debit card is valid through the end of the month listed as the expiration date. Your card order is processed within the first week of that month and should arrive about 7-10 business days before expiration. You will use the same PIN with your new card.